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Being part of a sorority means you have complete trust in your sorority sisters and you know you can rely on them when you need, whatever that need may be.  The new girls to the **** sorority house must pass their nude initiation, it will be a trial but the new pledges are sure they have what it takes, never expecting to be forced into crazy lesbian hazing sex acts by their bossy head sorority sister.

The blonde girl in the pink top in this video is a total bitch and uses the new pledge hopefuls as sex toys in this hazing video, she sticks a dildo into the blonde girls pussy and then laughs at her because she seems to like it so much.  To pass the final test of their naked college initiation she forces all the girls to lick her pussy and screams at them when they are doing it right!


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Some of these hazing videos that get sent into haze her really just crack me up, and the fact that there are so many girls out there desperate to be in some sort of sorority to give themselves some worth that they are ready to do just about any sort of crazy or humiliating thing is just amazing to me.

Unfortunately for me I was just a nerd in college so didn’t get to bang so many hot chicks or anything but for groups like this it seems as though they barely do any sort of studying at all and just spend all their time thinking of ways to have fun, get drunk and engage in some wild sex adventures.

Sexy videos like this really make me think that deep down most girls  have a lesbian side to them and so if getting ito the cool sorority means you gotta lick a little bit of college pussy then for most it’s not such a big price to pay.  GI just never realized how sexy girls look wearing football outfits and even though its just a friendly game the girls are a little competitive as the loser is going to have to make the winner cum and naturally everyone wants to cum.

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The sorority sisters in this video are really bossy and don’t take crap from any of the new pledges, in fact when one of the new sorority hopefuls pisses them off they stick a mallet up her ass!  Its enough to shut the other girls up and do exactly as they are told and they meekly submit to their perverted sorority sisters demands.

During their initiation they are told to strip completely, perform some naked exercises, suck on their sisters boobs and even perform some extremely lewd sex acts proving their dedication to their new sorority sisters by licking each others pussies!  A little shocked at first the girls really seemed to get off on the whole nude initiation experience.  We’d like to thank the girls of **** sorority for submitting this hazing video which was a clear winner!


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This nude hazing ceremony starts out in the parking lot with a bunch of pledges eager to join what they think is the cool girls sorority all dressed in cute sporty outfits, pink shirts and itty bitty gym shorts and wearing caps but they re about to get a lesson in public humiliation when they are told to strip down in the middle of a busy public area.

With little choice and to the heckling of their sorority sisters they take off their clothing and are filmed standing nude as passers by stare at the public nudity display.  Its all part of the embarrassing hazing ritual and they have bags placed over their heads so they can see a thing and are led into a college dorm while chanting the sorority song.

It’s kinda funny to watch but must be totally humiliating for the rush pledges as they march through the dorm room completely naked.  Once in the room the action really heats up and the girls are set upon by their big sisters who bring out a vibrator and begin massaging their vaginas while telling them what dirty sluts they really are.

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What’s up everyone? This week we have another fucked up sorority submission from some coeds that wanted to make some quick cash at the expense of their poor rushes. These poor girls went through some seriously sexy shit. The sisters had their rushes in a giant tub stripped down and wet. The rushes had to suck on their pledge sisters’ tits and ride the bench of judgement. And let me tell you this bench is no joke: three giant dildos lined up in a row ready to make these rushes moan and groan. If the bench wasn’t enough, they had to make each other cum by going down and eating each others pussies while the sisters strapped on and fucked the shame out of these sexy rushes. .

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One of the things that always strikes me about these sorority hazing rituals is how there is always some type of lesbian edge to them, sometimes it can be quite subtle and sometimes like in this hazing video it is out and out lesbian in nature.  What also amazes me is just how many girls are prepared to go through with the lesbian initiation just so they can be a part of the sorority.  Kinda confirms my suspicions that most girls have a bit of a lesbian desire deep down.

This college initiation ceremony starts out normal enough as far as these things go with the girls made to strip naked with the usual degrading and humiliation insults from their big sorority sisters but soon its starts to get a bit weird.  For example some of the rush pledges have a cherry inserted into their ass and another girls is forced to retrieve it using only her tongue!

After this some sex dolls are produced so the new freshmen can demonstrate their ability to give head and also show just how they love cock by riding on the big dildo strapped to the plastic blow up dolls.

As if that’s not enough a big lesbian orgy is on the cards with some hardcore facesitting and pussy eating to top things off, one of the young ladies even loses control and cums over her sorority sisters face.  Pretty amazing stuff I must say.

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A new group of sorority pledges think they have what it takes to join the *** sorority but the girls at this sorority house won’t accept any fake bitches and so all the new pledges have to prove they have what it takes.  A trip out to the woods and a nude initiation awaits the new college girls who must take off all their clothes while the sorority girls yell abuse at them and call them sluts!  They hose the girls down with water since they are such dirty sluts and make them perform lesbian sex acts on each other as part of their sexy sorority hazing.


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College life is a time to be free and explore, so its no surprise that many women experience their first lesbian sexual encounter in colllege.  Most of the girls still love dick but the intimacy of living in a sorority with no boys around leads to some sexy situations.

These 4 sorority girls are about to be initiated into the fun world of lesbian sex guided by the master hand and tongue of the resident sorority pussy licker who takes turns in eating all the girls out and showing them the finer points of muff diving.  A real nude lesbian initiation video sent in by some wild girls who really earned the winning prize  Amateur sorority porn at its best.

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