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A nude college initiation is a test of loyalty to your sorority

*Video: sorority naked inspection and pussy licking video   CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN HIGH DEFINITION Being part of a sorority means you have complete trust in your sorority sisters and you know you can rely on them when you need, whatever that need may be.  The new girls to the **** sorority [...]

Nude initiation video featuring college pledges stripped naked

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO The sorority sisters in this video are really bossy and don’t take crap from any of the new pledges, in fact when one of the new sorority hopefuls pisses them off they stick a mallet up her ass!  Its enough to shut the other girls up and do [...]

public nudity and embarrassed sorority pledges during rush week

This nude hazing ceremony starts out in the parking lot with a bunch of pledges eager to join what they think is the cool girls sorority all dressed in cute sporty outfits, pink shirts and itty bitty gym shorts and wearing caps but they re about to get a lesson in public humiliation when they [...]

college pledges forced into lesbian sex during humiliating nude sorority initiation

  What’s up everyone? This week we have another fucked up sorority submission from some coeds that wanted to make some quick cash at the expense of their poor rushes. These poor girls went through some seriously sexy shit. The sisters had their rushes in a giant tub stripped down and wet. The rushes had [...]

University initiation ceremony gets out of control with sorority pledges forced into lesbian sex

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO One of the things that always strikes me about these sorority hazing rituals is how there is always some type of lesbian edge to them, sometimes it can be quite subtle and sometimes like in this hazing video it is out and out lesbian in nature.  What also [...]

Nude college girls initiation in the woods get hazed by their sorority sisters

CLICK HERE TO WATH THE FULL VIDEO OF THIS NUDE COLLEGE INITIATION A new group of sorority pledges think they have what it takes to join the *** sorority but the girls at this sorority house won’t accept any fake bitches and so all the new pledges have to prove they have what it takes.  [...]