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Nude initiation video of college girls playing a game of naked sports

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL CLIP Some of these hazing videos that get sent into haze her really just crack me up, and the fact that there are so many girls out there desperate to be in some sort of sorority to give themselves some worth that they are ready to do just about any [...]

college pledges forced into lesbian sex during humiliating nude sorority initiation

  What’s up everyone? This week we have another fucked up sorority submission from some coeds that wanted to make some quick cash at the expense of their poor rushes. These poor girls went through some seriously sexy shit. The sisters had their rushes in a giant tub stripped down and wet. The rushes had [...]

University initiation ceremony gets out of control with sorority pledges forced into lesbian sex

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO One of the things that always strikes me about these sorority hazing rituals is how there is always some type of lesbian edge to them, sometimes it can be quite subtle and sometimes like in this hazing video it is out and out lesbian in nature.  What also [...]